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Data Leak Testing

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DLP Testing Methods

The tests below are all the methods in which data is transferred by web technologies. These technologies include things like silverlight, activex, java, CGI, flash, vbscript (VBS), PHP, and any other HTTP web based page or app.

Test 1: POST to a web page Are you leaking data via http POST?

Test 2: GET from a web page Are you leaking data via http GET?

Test 3: File Upload Are you leaking data via file uploads?

Test 4: Email Are you leaking data over email?

To test for data leakage, copy critical data or test data (available here) into one of the various tests above



SSL is off ; it is much more challenging for Data Security tools to detect a leak over SSL.


About Data Leak Testing

Introduction to leak testing: The test methods below are designed to test all the various methods of data leakage & exfiltration with today's web technologies & threats. Blocking specific data types and signatures from non-business related sites (like this one) is a great way to protect your data assets. These tests provide a way to test all data security tools.

The technologies used to protect data are sometimes referred to as;

  • DLP -Data Loss Prevention or Data Leakage Protection

  • DTP -Data Theft Protection

  • Data Security

  • ILP -Information Leakage Protection

  • CAP -Critical Asset Protection

*The idea behind true Data Security is that once the Data Security tool is married to the business processes within an organization other types of threats such as malware become a non-issue. That's right, if you protect against Data Theft then even the most advanced malware/ APT will not be able to steal your data.





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