Updated 5/17/2021

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Understand audits and go over your testing results with an expert. We would love to hear from you!

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Quick Data Secure

(starting at 8 service hours)

Align with: 3rd party privacy requirements for PCI, HIPAA

DLP expert service to tune your existing DLP system to pass the audits. This is often purchased as a quarterly audit to validate controls, asses posture, and provide continuous improvement to DLP systems.

Data security experts to get your data controls to the latest secure standard. This usually takes 8 hours for smaller firms or smaller projects. Click the link below to plan a Quick DLP engagement.


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DLP Lockdown & Control Validation

(starting at 20 service hours)


The DLP standard for governments and military.

DLP experts implement and validate your data security controls and policies. We can help select, implement, and manage DLP software from any vendor. DLP lockdown secures business data flows for a more advanced level of data governance.

Get an official " seal of Trustworthiness" which can be added to the footer of organizational email with successful completion of this program. Demonstrate the highest standards for enterprise DLP protection available with this seal. Click the link below to start our discussion about a complete DLP lockdown!


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Cloud DLP & CASB Help

(starting at 20 service hours)


A must-have in today's work from home environment! The standard for biotech & pharma, banks and hospitals.

DLP experts help you leverage the latest in DLP advancements with long-term technology strategies to maximize ROI and ensure liability coverage from proven system effectiveness.

Get things started with 20 service hours: Historical cloud data discovery, uncover shadow IT, uncover data misuse, leverage AI & ML for data classification, and automate data governance for cloud applications.

Get an official " seal of Data Protection" which can be added to the footer of organizational email and cloud apps with successful completion of this program. The highest standard for cloud DLP protection available. Click the link below to start our discussion about cloud DLP!


Get Cloud DLP validation now



Full-service infrastructure and data security offerings
Please use the contact form below for any of the following services;


Solutions & Services for cloud & on-prem

Email, communications & office services 

  • Selecting a cloud email service provider (SaaS, IaaS)

  • Cloud Migrations and Hybrid



Data Security

Secure Data Gateway (SDG) selection

  • SDG maintenance and tuning services 

    • Data security assessments

    • Selecting an on-premise DLP solution

    • Data security product tuning

    • 24x7 advanced monitoring

  • Implementation services

  • Security solution selection



User Training

Data handling training solution selection;

  • End user training programs

  • Implementation services



Email DLP

Email & Enterprise DLP (Data Loss Prevention/Protection)

  • on-prem

  • cloud

  • hybrid



Managed DLP


Managed phishing and fraud protection

Managed end user training

Managed cloud & on-prem deployments

Managed data compliance

Managed data security

Managed cloud & on-prem DLP



Engineering Services

Product implementation services

Product tuning and management




Strategy Services


Risk  Strategy alignment

3rd party risk & validation



Custom Services


VIP Security services - Dark web monitoring

Penetration Testing (breach assessment)

Systems hardening

Hacking, reversing, fuzzing, and non-traditional security control testing

Endpoint Threat Defense & Ransomware Prevention



Thanks for visiting! is a free resource for the world-wide DLP community, helping to protect and secure data with our friends and partners around the world. People use our site to test if critical data can be leaked from inside their business or from individual computing assets to the internet.

Developed by DLP engineers, is a tool used to validate data security controls for businesses of all types. The idea is to implement a "DLP Solution" to prevent private data from being shared or used improperly, otherwise known as a "data leak". is used to validate and tune DLP solutions.

Our mission: Data security awareness; help secure data to enable secure productivity globally.

Welcome DLP Admins! We are delighted that you admins continually test and tune your DLP solutions with our site. We enjoy the company of nearly all the major financial institutions globally, many of the worlds largest healthcare and pharma, defense agencies, Governments; all of you!  Bookmark us! We are a free trusted resource for DLP, here to help.

Welcome DLP Manufacturers! We are thankful that this site is used by all DLP manufactures like Symantec, McAfee, Digital Guardian, Forcepoint, Fidelis, and their thousands of collective world-wide partner networks to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of their solutions to a 3rd party. We are open for advertising, please use the contact form below.

Welcome DLP Contractors and MSPs! We are thrilled that the largest and smallest contractors and MSPs use our site as part of their business. Share this great resource with your DLP prospects and customers, teach them how, they will appreciate you.


Intended use and general disclaimer: The contents of are for testing and educational use only and without warrantee. Expertise is required for proper use.

If you have questions about the content or need help managing, planning, or implementing Data Security please use the contact form below for a quick response;


Expert DLP help! Contact us instantly.

  • DLP Tuning

  • Data Risk Assessments

  • DLP systems health and ROI check

  • DLP upgrade and implementation

  • DLP Solution selection

  • UEBA -Behavioral analytics

  • Critical Asset Protection



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