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Your "Public IP Address" is the IP address that internet sites see as your IP. This is the address that web sites respond to when they send web pages to your machine/ browser. Your Public IP is unique to your point of entry to the internet (egress point).

Typically a web user will have an "Internal IP" or IP address that is only known to your home or corporate LAN (local area network). The "Local IP" is how information is sent to your computer from other computers on your network. When you request a web page your browser sends it through your Firewall which removes any local information from your request [for privacy and security] it then changes the request (using NAT or Network Address Translation) to use the "Public IP" which is given to you by your ISP (internet service provider).

Your Public IP is how the internet sees you and sends information to your computer.

Your Public IP is an important part of data and web security diagnostics and troubleshooting.