Updated 5/17/2021

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Data Security Deployment/ Maturity Model (Rollout methodology): this methodology is ideal for security teams since very little interaction with the business units is required to closely define/ classify data and business processes. These phases have been developed by professionals over the years as a guideline to insure deployment success.


a.       Phase I – Monitor and uncover Risk and Business Processes: Start off with monitoring. Feed the results to the business units and let them decide on how to handle any broken business practices and Data misuse.




b.      Phase II – Reporting/Notifications to Users. End user Education, able to demonstrate ROI = %50 risk reduction: Data flow was mapped in phase 1 and we have identified some broken business practices. To correct the broken business practices we will employ a method of end user education such as popping up a notification or sending the user an automated email notifying them of the improper behavior. In most cases we see at least a 50% reduction in overall risk to critical data assets.





c.       Phase III –Blocking and taking action to protect with DIM [Data in Motion/ Network based] and DIU [Data in Use/ Endpoint based] Moving files or encrypting them in DAR [Data at Rest]: The system has been tuned over time and is accurate. By now you should have the authority from the business units to block bad or "out of band" behavior.