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Data Security Golden Rules For the Enterprise

After hundreds of Data Security implementations in all verticals in all sizes we have collected the 4 golden rules of Data Security:


  1. Maximize Risk Reduction as fast as possible. (See the Rollout ROI section) This is extremely important when rolling out to an Enterprise in phases or over time. The business will find fast value and the implementation as a whole will gain and keep momentum. If you show little value it is very likely that the project will stall and die.


  2. The tool must be smart enough map to your business and its data flow. Your business moves its critical information in order to make money. If your Data Security tool breaks these processes the tool will eventually be turned off, if not immediately.


  3. The tool must be accurate. If your critical events are buried in thousands of false positives your success will be very limited


  4. Test, Pilot, Implement