Updated 5/17/2021

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DLP Validation & Testing

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Data Theft Prevention [DTP] | Data Security | Data Loss Prevention [DLP]

Use Cases: Use cases are a collection of scenarios where we would expect the Data Security tool in question to step in and prevent/ block the transaction from happening in order to protect the data. Use cases are typically part of a vendor/ tool comparison called a "Proof of Concept" (POC).

Testing use cases should give you visibility into;

  • Depth of protection & capabilities

  • Amount of Risk Reduction vs. Effort

  • Deployment and maintenance

Below is a use case scorecard broken into 2 sections DIM (Data In Motion) tests and DIU (Data In Use or Endpoint Client) tests.

Download the Excel version here


DIM Tests -Tests for Data Security tools that are network based. Usually work off of a SPAN or proxy configuration. Each item will go through 3 tests to unique web destinations to insure proper functionality. Test A (Web destination 1) Test B (Web destination 2) Test C (Web destination 3) Grade      
HTTP POST             Grade Legend
HTTP Upload           Meets all requirements
HTTPS POST           Meets nearly all requirements
HTTPS Upload           Meets some requirements
FTP Upload           Meets few requirements
FTP Upload over HTTP           Does not meet requirements
FTP Upload over HTTPS              
Email SMTP              
DIU Tests -These tests will require Data Security software (or Endpoint) installed Stop: Copy/ Paste Data Theft Stop: Access/ Open Data Theft Stop: Save Data Theft Stop: Send Data to web Theft Stop: Print screen Data Theft Stop: Print Grade
Internet Explorer       Passes DIM tests?      
Firefox       Passes DIM tests?      
Chrome       Passes DIM tests?      
Safari       Passes DIM tests?      
Removable Media test tools are commonly android & Windows phones, USB drives, bluetooth sharing between laptops        
USB Storage   NA   NA NA NA  
Bluetooth file transfer   NA   NA NA NA  
CD/ DVD Burning       NA   NA  
Nero burning ROM       NA   NA  
Windows Media Player       NA   NA  
Windows Explorer       NA   NA  
alcohol 360       NA   NA  
Compression/ encryption commonly used for data theft            
Winzip         NA NA  
Winrar         NA NA  
Theft tools              
Yourfreedom proxy avoidance         NA NA  
uTorrent         NA NA  
snapchat         NA NA  
skype         NA NA  
teamviewer         NA NA  
Windows Explorer         NA    
FTP Client              
SSH Client              
Common Apps responsible for most accidental loss            
MS remote desktop              
  Grade Legend            
Meets all requirements            
Meets nearly all requirements            
Meets some requirements            
Meets few requirements            
Does not meet requirements            





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