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Are you leaking data through email?


Email/ SMTP should be detected by all Data Security tools for both Endpoint and Network based tools more info.

"Email" send an email though your corporate mail client to SMTP email traffic should be seen at the Data Security network layer and the Data Security Endpoint should detect data in the mail client. If the email is successfully received you will get a response email from our system within a few minutes.

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SSL is off ; it is much more challenging for Data Security tools to detect a leak over SSL. Turn SSL ON at the top of this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What just happened?

    If you received a reply message to your email then your data was able to be leaked out of your organization. The data successfully left your possession.

2) Where did my data go?

    Your data was sent to mail servers using the email method and the result was sent back to you in the form of a reply. The data you submit is not kept by *

3) How do I protect my Data assets from leakage?

    A network based data security tool or an Endpoint based data security tool should be able to stop leaks that use the File Upload method.

4) What internet technologies commonly use the email/ SMTP method to get data?  


Try again with SSL OFF

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Email Method is the primary cause of large data leaks due to end user mistakes.

The email Method should be detected by all Data Security tools for data in the BODY as well as ATTACHMENTS for both Endpoint and Network based solutions.

If the Data Security product worked the email would have been blocked and no reply will be received. If a reply is received then the data was successfully leaked to the world.


*Email submissions are deleted upon arrival


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