Updated 5/17/2021

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For email data testing follow the instructions below;


Data Loss (DLP) Email Self Test

Email/ SMTP should be detected by all Data Security tools for both Endpoint and Network more info.

To detect Data Loss over email ; Send an email from your corporate mail client to

If the email is successfully received you will get a response email within a few minutes.

If the Data Security product worked the email would have been blocked and no reply will be received. If a reply is received then the data was successfully leaked.



How to test email for Data Loss (DLP)

1) Open your corporate mail client
2) Send an email to:
3) Add the test data into the email body or attachment or both
4) Send the Email
5) Immediately will reply if the email was successful
     a. if the email was successful, the data you sent was leaked
     b. if you did not receive a reply, your data was not leaked

Send it an email and it will reply if the email was successful. If no reply then the email was blocked, be sure to check your spam folder for the reply...

How to use this page (3 min)

Just send us an email with your test data, use your mail client to test. The system will reply if data was leaked.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What just happened?

    If you received a reply message to your email then your data was able to be leaked out of your organization. The data successfully left your possession.

2) Where did my data go?

    Your data was sent to mail servers using the email method and the result was sent back to you in the form of a reply. The data you submit is not kept by *

3) How do I protect my Data assets from leakage?

    A network based data security tool or an Endpoint based data security tool should be able to stop leaks from the mail client integration, CASB, SWG, or hosted email DLP controls.

4) Common data leaks over email  

  • Email mistakes (extremely common)

  • Data theft

  • Inbox draining -a users password is compromised by phone, email, malware, lists on the dark web. Then the attacker logs in and drains all the data from the inbox and contacts to attack other employees. These attacks are undetected without a well-tuned DLP solution in place.



Email Method is the primary cause of large data leaks due to end user mistakes.

The email Method should be detected by all Data Security tools for data in the BODY as well as ATTACHMENTS for both Endpoint and Network based solutions.


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