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DLP File Upload Test

  File Upload should be detected by all Data Security tools for both Endpoint and Network based tools more info.  
HTTP/S File Upload [22MB max]

Browse to your DLP test file, then upload. Data is stored on a web server drive then immediately overwritten.



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SSL is off ; it is much more challenging for Data Security tools to detect a leak over SSL.




Frequently Asked Questions

1) What just happened?

    If you see a successful upload message above then your data was able to be leaked out of your organization. The data successfully left your possession.

2) Where did my data go?

    Your data was sent to using the File Upload method and the results was served back to you in the form of a web page. The data you submit is not kept by *

3) How do I protect my Data assets from leakage?

     A network based data security tool or an Endpoint based data security tool should be able to stop leaks that use the File Upload method.

4) What internet technologies commonly use the email/ SMTP method to get data?  

  • Email uploads of some web based email (usually SSL)

  • Social media commenting (usually SSL)

  • Chat applications

  • Email body of web based email (usually SSL)

  • Blogs, forums and message board

  • Flash based applications




File Upload Method is the primary cause of large data leaks. Web storage, web applications, web email, as well as botnet/ back door, malware phone home, and data theft tools often use this method to "exfiltrate" or steal data.

The File Upload Method should be detected by all Data Security tools over HTTP  and HTTPS (SSL) for both Endpoint and Network based solutions.

File Upload is a method of upload from a web page form where the file(s) are pushed up to the server from the client machine. In this case when the "Upload File" button is pushed the file is sent to the server to be stored. If the Data Security product worked a block page will be displayed. If the page displays a successful upload message then the data was successfully leaked to the world


*All file submissions to this site are deleted on an hourly basis. Do not upload private data. This is a test site for data theft please use only test data. The data is stored on disk then deleted automatically every hour. This site is not liable for the storage or security of any data that you upload.


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