Updated 5/17/2021

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DLP Validation & Testing

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DLP Automatic Test
32 DLP tests, 1 click

This test will demonstrate how much data will pass in a single transaction.

  Test DLP threshholds of 1, 5, 10, and 30 records for each of the data types below. The bottom pane will display leakage results.  For example; if you select the CCN checkbox,  a separate leak will be generated for 1, 5, 10, and 30 CCNs. Inbound DLP may prevent the data loading into the page, turn off inbound DLP for this test.  
1) Select the Data to test with (checkboxes)
2) Click "Load Test" (button will change)
3) Click "Run Test"
How to use this page (3 min)


Step 1. Select Data Below
   Credit Cards DLP testing lab console
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lab@dlt: System ready to load parameters with SSL on

   US SSN  
   Sample Records  
   Medical records

    Enable SSL (HTTPS)  
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DLP Test Results
Test result from:, 5/23/2022 6:52:14 PM

  DLP Test Criteria Test data loaded Results  

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