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Updated 10/12/2020

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FTP Testing

Session Info


Web based FTP client

Built by Engineers for Engineers

  Connect to your FTP servers to test downloads and upload data detection.

You can also use this page to test policies permissions for your FTP server.

1) Connect to your FTP server in cloud or on-prem from (example connection to our partners at
2) FTP sample data to detect data movement


HTTPS POST to then FTP PUT to your target [4MB max]


FTP Server:
  Pwd:   Port:
   DLP testing lab console® 2020 IGNITE Cyber

lab@dlt: Established FTP session from to on port 21
lab@dlt: Connected as
lab@dlt: Current directory shown below

 System ready for FTP testing...  

  FTP a File to server:
Set Current Directory :

  Create a Directory: 

Currently viewing:
DirectorySize (KB)Created Date 
.76.00Oct 25 03:41 Delete
..76.00Oct 25 03:41 Delete
File NameSize (KB)Created Date  
20201025.csv20.62Oct 25 03:40 Download Delete
25-Oct-20-14-0-0.csv0.38Oct 25 03:30 Download Delete
csv.csv0.50Oct 25 03:40 Download Delete



  Results will be shown immediately. Data is stored on a web server then deleted automatically.

DLP OCR (scanning a picture of data) Testing Data:

10 Medical records pdf image MD5: 13CDA5DF91D91687C3946BE4F25C3CCA

10 SSN pdf image  MD5: 92199BA314318EB5F6955E0DDF517A17

10 CCN jpg image MD5: B844F13202BD6DB98CCFB801743C4546

10 Sample Records BMP image MD5: 36C39A69B70C70079DEC4E7FD4A340FA

Sample Data

sample-data.csv   MD5: 83E8A1CD6F792274B7C2BE289CC9206B    

sample-data.pdf    MD5: BB59FD6AA68EB86F8DB3DB131D6E73D9   

sample-data.xls    MD5: 1595B6546B2D3199B112C834C709F61D   

Sample Data Page




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